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Trans Augrabies MTB Bucket List

The Trans Augrabies MTB Stage Race is more than just a mountain bike race... It is a regional experience!

Here is a list of things to tick off when attending this one of a kind event at the Augrabies Falls National park.

  • See the Augrabies Falls by day
  • See the Augrabies Falls by night (lights are on until 21:00)
  • Walk the Dassie Trail to the twin falls
  • Sip on some of Orange River Cellar's local wines while enjoying a magnificent Kalahari sunset
  • Have some Balance Coffee to fight back the morning desert chills
  • Refresh yourself with local craft beer at the finish line
  • Kuier with your fellow riders while watching the Sharks, Lions and Bulls play (this will not be a wildlife encounter, this is purely South African Rugby on a big screen) *
  • Become a victim of the Race Village baboons and don't be too shy to swear at them
  • Post a selfie at the toughest part of the race, using the hashtag #transaugrabiesmtb
  • Finish all three stages of the Trans Augrabies MTB Challenge
  • Treat yourself to a proper sports massage from Tanya
  • Tick off the follow must-see local wildlife during your visit:
    • Hear the call of the Fish Eagles
    • See the beautiful Bateleur Eagle
    • Spot lazy Dassies basking in the sun
    • Be spotted by Kalahari Giraffes along the route
    • See a "blou-kop-koggelmander" Blue headed lizard

* Please note, here in the Kalahari, we love making new friends! It is highly frowned upon to braai by yourself ta your chalet, tent or guesthouse!

If you did not order a delicious food package from the legendary Tannie Keppies, you are welcome to bring your meat closer to the Race Village and Braai it with some new mates! And if you want to be accepted by the "Locals", be lekker and don't be shy to share some of your freshly braaied hors d'oeuvres and start up a conversation. We might just return the favour and offer you a beer!

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