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Choose these great services during registration

The Official Race Jersey


A stylish and functional riding jersey that will remind you of the challenge long after you have conquered the Green Kalahari. The design of each year's Official Race Jersey is finalised closer to the event date as it contains information such as the total distance of the race, etc

Detailed Look



Bike Service


As you cross the finish line at the end of each gruelling MTB Stage, the last thing you want to worry about is the maintenance and cleaning of your mountain bike... Sign-up for Cycle City's 3 Stage Service Package to get a professional bike service after each stage, with your bike ready to go the next day.

What's includes
  • Full Bike Wash

    We'll make sure it's sparkly clean

  • Chain Lube

    Cleaned, lubed and ready for action

  • Gears Check

    Checking and setting of Gears

  • Brakes & Shocks

    Checking and Alignment as needed

Parts on Hand

We will carry as much back-up stock to try and cover as many problems as possible, but it is impossible to have everything for every type of bike. We are however aware of most common issues riders encounter during stage events and there is a pretty good chance we will be able to help you.

Are Parts included?

Any replacement parts that need to be fitted to get your bike ready will be for the owner's account, but all relevant labour is included in the Service Package.

Bike Service Package
Ride in the Bunch

Dine in the Bunch

Each year the legendary "Keppies" dishes up a range of amazing meals that are enjoyed in a large communal Tent with entertainment and great conversation. Book your meals during registration to join the bunch each day to share a meal and recap the day's achievements and funny stories.

The meals package includes 8 delicious "home-cooked" meals during and after each stage of the event. Have family and friends travelling with you?

Order their Meals for them by indicating how many meals packages you need during registration.


Sports Massage

Available On-Site

Matthysen Massage Therapy will provide massages to the riders which will make this challenge hassle-free for you. All the focus is on you as the rider from start to finish of each day of the Trans Augrabies MTB.  They take full responsibility to get you through this event with the service they offer. They have previously supported riders at Lesotho Sky, Wines 2 Whales, Y2k, as well as Trek2Teebus and will be at the upcoming Cape Epic.

Strapping is available at R150 per session and they offer a 30-minute massage after each day of the event, and prefer that you make a reservation before the event to secure your spot.
R350 per single session or R600 over two days.

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