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The Trans Augrabies MTB Stage Race is held over 3 Days and 3 individual stages. Register for one of the events below to compete over TWO days of this 3 Day Stage Race.

The Trans Augrabies MTB Experience is aimed at intermediate mountain bike riders who want to experience the beauty of the Green Kalahari, but who wants to also push themselves to their personal limits. The MTB Experience offers 3 difficulty levels, over three route combinations to choose from. Riders that are new to Stage Racing, but not mountain biking are advised to go for the first option, combining Day 1 & 3, as this offers the best coverage of the entire race route, including technical single tracks and good portions of all other track types, but also offers the shortest route at 137 km, with an entire day of rest, repairs and recuperation in between stages. In contrast, both the other options do not have this rest period in between. Day 1 & 2 combines Augrabies Falls and Riemvasmaak into a 168 km scenic experience, which might be the longest of the three, but still slightly easier than the final option, Day 2 & 3, which might be shorter at 141 km, but includes the technical single track of Khamkirri on the opposite side of the Orange River.

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